Grieving while in Prison Prison Ministry Volunteers

Today marks the day of our first post on the Prison Ministry Volunteers Web site,

Prison Ministry Volunteers is a non-profit organization designed to provide services to the incarcerated community and support the prison staff and Chaplains primarily serving the two prisons located in Diboll, Texas. One is the Rufus H. Duncan Unit with about 500 offenders and is a geriatric prison. The second is the Diboll unit, a privately run unit with another 500 offenders.
During the past two years, we have served the population with the following services:

  • In-depth Bible Study weekly
  • Members of Dream team to support Timbercreek Church’s weekly church service
  • Monthly Softball
  • Recovery Group facilitation Weekly
  • Staff Appreciation Events (TBD)
  • Volunteer Letter Writing during COVID-19 Quarantine period
  • Indigent Toiletry Ministry
  • Grieving While in Prison Curriculum Development and Printing

Funding for books for the Bible Study and other courses are provided through periodic non-profit fund raising projects.

Visit our web site at to donate on-line beginning the week of July 13, 2020.